Little Wisp

This is Wisp, when I recieved a call to say there was a young puppy looking for adoption, but had agression issues and would attack everyone including other dogs,

I offered to step in and rehabilitate her so she could find a loving home.

Wisp's list of training problems

* Could not look at food without lunging at it.

* Could not play with other dogs only attack them.

* Could not be let off lead.

* Would not let you put a lead on her.

* Lunged at someone taking food out of the oven .

* Very anxious

* Tries to bite people and has a fear of the unknown.

This was a young pup with no rules.. no structure and she had no idea how to behave with people or other dogs.

Here are a few video's about her journey and progress, some of them are very short but hopefully you can see how well she is doing.

Wisp is a very smart affectionate pup and all she wanted was to know what to do.

Lets meet Wisp!

"Wisp on day 1 of training, today is all about crate manners, no barging in or out of the crate door or any threshold, followed by 'place' to calm her down and relax her, also stops wandering and barking at anything.. later today working on her food issues."

"After 6 days Wisp is calmer around food even with the other dogs near her, working on other people feeding her treats now, she's doing great!"

"Play is important, dogs bond through play, they learn social skills and how to interact with each other. Mila is my 'bossy' dog and in a controlled environment she is teaching 'wisp' how things are. Knowing when to step in and slow things down is important as it creates a calm play.."


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