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Visit & Assessment

Assess‎ and discuss any behavioural issues you are concerned with, this is a joint project, you will need to be committed to resolving any behaviour issues and get involved.

The first half hour will be discussing the problems you are facing with your dog or puppy and the second half a short walk to get to know your dog.

  • One to One Training Session Common Behaviour Issues


  • Intensive One Hour Training Session to Correct Behavioural issues. This will be a 1 hour session. More than One hour/Visit may be required. Extreme behavioural issues may cost more.

  • One to One Training Session Complex Behaviour Issues.

  • One to One Training Session Extreme Behaviour Issues.





More than One hour/Visit may be required.

Brigitte S

Caroline has been helping me with my Cypriot rescue for 18 months now. He was reactive, and I was not helping with my tension and aversion tactics! Our lives turned around from the very first pack walk and Johno is now social and well behaved. I have just adopted another rescue, and Johno is being a good example to our new addition!!! At one time, I did not think I would ever say that. I highly recommend Caroline and believe every dog would benefit from her pack walks.


Chantal S

Took my Greek rescue girl Bonnie on a pack walk after we lost our confidence after she was attacked by another dog a few weeks before, I was so nervous about how she'd be I wasn't even sure I'd be confident enough to go but im so glad we did it was such an amazing interesting experience and I learnt so much useful information that helps in our everyday life when we're out meeting other dogs which is so important. Bonnie came back so relaxed and we can't wait for the next one. I'd recommend to anyone!


Alison P

we've been on 2 pack walks with Caroline, my GSD Sasha is aggressive towards other dogs. so it was a pleasure to walk with people and their dogs that understand and non judgmental. Also learnt a lot about her behaviour, and actually she has been quite well behaved.
i would highly recommend the pack walks.

Structured Pack Walks £30 Per Dog -

£50 For Two From The Same Family

Our structured ‘walk and talk’ sessions take place at stunning locations throughout Sussex and the South East. The local terrain of Fields, Forests and  Beaches provide the perfect backdrop for you and your pooches to enjoy socialising with other dogs and owners in a pack, whilst learning new and relevant skills to help you develop your dog’s focus, behaviour and obedience.


All supervised and tutored by experienced, qualified dog behaviourists in a relaxed and controlled environment.The walks are designed so individual owners are free to discuss any behavioural issues or concerns they may have regarding their dogs development.


For example; we will advise and assist owners who may be unsure or anxious about taking their dogs out in public areas or are not sure how to handle their dogs if they become reactive and nervous in public or when meeting other dogs.


The Walks take place Mid-week and Weekends, meeting at a designated public space by appointment only, at various locations throughout Sussex. Please contact us at K9 for the walk nearest to you - but you are welcome to join any walk location. The walks are designed to last a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours.  Most of all, it’s a fun day out for your dog to learn to be just a dog!

Please note


We are happy and confident to discuss dogs who have even serious anti-social responses and can offer one-to-one (private) sessions to get your dog to a place where they are confident to join the pack! Please get in touch to discuss all issues.

K9 Coaching are Fully Insured


Public Liability cover no



Care Custody and Control Insurance no


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